Problem solving

Do you need help resolving handling problems such as:-

In situations like these, it is important to consider the horse’s natural instinct and then work to redirect their attention. Learning how to solve these problems becomes an opportunity for the horse and rider to regain trust and confidence in each other. When we help a horse to change the way they feel, they naturally change the way that they behave.

Anna offers the service of training your horse if you are away or unable to ride yourself. From ground work to schooling, hacking or jumping your horse. During these sessions the emphasis is on helping your horse to become more responsive, softer in their response and more confident in their work through having a relaxed state of mind.



Handling a stallion

Catching and leading


Biting and kicking

Tacking up



In the show ring

Are you having a specific problems in your ridden work, for example:-

Hacking out alone or in company

Schooling work



Difficulties at shows


Services - Training your horse and problem solving

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